About Khmer Creations

Contemporary design, fair trade and empowering people through sustainable business.

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Khmer Creations is a product of our passion for contemporary accessories and desire to make the world a better place.

We are a group of women handcrafting a range of jewelry and accessories.

We are a social business.

 We are Khmer Creations.

Khmer Creations began in 2007 with a vision to develop a creative business that would tangibly benefit Cambodian women and their communities. What started as therapeutic jewelry making workshops in shelters for sex trafficked women quickly became a business creating long-term employment opportunities.

We now provide skills training and secure employment to young women who have previously been working in exploitative jobs (including the sex trade and unregulated factories) and those who are at-risk of entering these industries due to difficulties in accessing education and employment opportunities.

Buying jewelry and accessories is one of lifes little pleasures. But it can also bring change and opportunity for the women who make it. Every product is made with love and makes a difference in the lives of our artisans and their families.

We reinvest 100 per cent of our profits back into Khmer Creations

 Khmer Creations Jewellery Studio Team Picture

You can be confident that when you buy a Khmer Creations product, you are directly empowering our team through sustainable business.